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Llantrussa News

January 30th 2016
We are so pleased to announce that we are expecting puppies early March 2016. Please see "litters" for more info, or get in touch.
Fantastic day at LKA.
January 5th 2014
We had a fantastic day at LKA this time, with Elvis, Whizzbang's We Will Rock You at Llantrussa, winning 1st in Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed. Dylan, Llantrussa Egil, came 3rd in a strong yearling class, Ana, Llantrussa Banana Split, won Post-Graduate Bitch and the reserve CC, Ebony, Llantrussa As Good As Gold, came second to Ana in Post Graduate Bitch and thereby qualified for Crufts 2014 at her and Eleri's very first show. Ebony's sister Ana, Llantrussa As You Like It, won Limit Bitch and thereby her stud book number, Harriet, Llantrussa Lady Myfanwy, came 2nd in Open Bitch and Frida, Llantrussa Chiquitita, won Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed. We also won Best Breeder's group with a group containing Llantrussa Earl of Warwick at Lineover, his daughter Llantrussa Banana Split and his sister Llantrussa Lady Myfanwy.

Thanks go to all my friends who helped with handling, holding dogs, grooming and driving xxx
Studbook number for Llantrussa Banana Split at Gundog of Wales.
October 21st 2013
Liz Nicholls had great success at Gundog of Wales 2013 with Llantrussa Banana Split, who at her 3rd ever show won a strong Limit Bitch class and thereby her Studbook number. Her litter brother Llantrussa Eton Mess with Lineover came 3rd in the Limit Dog class at the same show. Well done Liz!
Archived News (Click Title to view)
Bath Championship Show
Southern Counties 31.05.2013
Midland Counties Championship Show 2012.
Nice show results for Llantrussa Lady Myfanwy and others.
Alice Crufts qualified at Welsh Kennel Club.
Success in the show ring for Llantrussa Earl of Warwick at Lineover and Llantrussa By The Book recently.
Harriet's puppies are here!
Great start to the new year in the ring.
Happy 1st birthday!
Llantrussa By The Book wins at LKA.
Hoping for a litter of liver and black puppies in February 2012.
The boys flying the Llantrussa flag at NEFRA's show.
Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot CC and BOB!
New photos.
Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show.
Good Llantrussa day at the Flatcoat Open Show 02.10.2011
Darlington Championship Show 18.09.2011.
Super day at Birmingham City Championship Show 04.09.2011.
Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley Res BIS.
Paignton, 02.08.2011
East of England 2011
Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba qualified for Crufts 2012.
WELKS 2011.
Frida's puppies
Crufts 2011
Good luck to Pie's puppies and their new families.
Manchester Championship Show 23.01.2011
The puppies have arrived.
SH CH C.I.E. NUCH SU(u)CH NV-07 Flat Garden's Mathilde IX
Pie is in whelp.
Expecting and hoping for puppies on 14th December 2010.
Stud Book Number for Llantrussa Waterloo.
Llantrussa Chiquitita "Frida" winning CC and BOS in Norway.
A sad day.
Reserve CC to Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot.
Leeds Championship Show July 2010
Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley BOB.
Planned litter autumt 2010 has been added.
Blackpool Championship Show 26.06.2010.
Border Union 20.06.2010.
Three Counties Championship Show 09.06.2010.
Bath Championship Show 2010
Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley BOB at Devon County Show.
Great recent Open Show Results for Llantrussa dogs.
WELKS 2010
Gayplume Trophy to Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley
The Flatcoat Show 2010
Llantrussa Earl of Warwick, class winner at Crufts 2010.
Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba Best Puppy in Breed.
Joint Flatcoated retriever Club Show 18.10.2009
Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 23.08.2009
Good day at National Gundogs.
Class wins for Bjorn and Eirik at Leeds Championship Show.
Welcome Eric!
Good luck to Pie's puppies.
Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot, "Bjorn", winning at Border Union and Blackpool.
1 liver dog puppy available to a good home.
Llantrussa Waterloo - BOB and Group 2.
Pictures of Warwick's and Pie's puppies.
Puppies born 06.05.2009.
Flatcoated Retriever Club of Scotland Championship Show 18.04.2009.
Expecting puppies.
Nice day at Crufts.
Gundog group win for Llantrussa Waterloo and Tracey Moon.
Nice win for Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot.
Llantrussa Waterloo winning two Special Yearling classes.
Class win for "Inga" Llantrussa Angeleyes at Rhiewvalley at Leeds.
East of England, 16.07.2008.
Good Llantrussa day at South Wales on 05.07.2008
Great day for the Llantrussas at Blackpool 21.06.2008
Border Union 15.06.2008.
Bath Championship Show 24.05.2008
Southern Counties 30.05.2008.
Three Counties Championship Show 08.06.2008.
Pie made up to Sh Ch Llantrussa Raisin Pie at SKC.
Eye testing.
Dylan qualified for Crufts 2009.
Crufts 2008, and website problems...
Llantrussa Just Like That at Fairwinds Best Puppy In Show.
Llantrussa Cassandra qualified for Crufts, the nineth qualified puppy from Sally and Hector's litter.
Darlington Championship Show 16.09.2007.
Results from City of Birmingham Championship Show 02.09.2007.
Our local show, Kington Open Show, 08.09.2007.
Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot "Bjorn" winning his 3rd Best Puppy in Breed.
Results from Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show 19.08.2007.
Some show results.
Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley "Abba" wins Puppy Bitch at Leeds, 22. July 2007.
Llantrussa Waterloo Best Puppy In Breed at Paignton Championship Show 13.07.2007.
South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show 07.07.2007
Windsor Championship Show 30.06.2007.
Llantrussa Head Over Heels to Bordercot "Bjorn" Best Puppy in Breed again.
2 dog puppies looking for loving active homes.
A good day for the Llantrussa puppies at Border Union today.
Three Counties Championship Show 12.06.2007
New site for Llantrussa Pecannut and new photo of Llantrussa Cashewnut.
Good day for Llantrussa puppies at Southern Counties.
Abba, Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley.
Another great day for the Llantrussa puppies, at Bath Championship Show.
"Leah" Llantrussa Just Like That at Fairwinds wins the Puppy Gundog Group at Devon County Show 18.05.2007.
A good day for the Llantrussas at The National Show 13.05.2007
Puppies born 02.05.2007.
Llantrussa Mamma Mia qualified for Crufts 2008.
Llantrussa Just Like That at Fairwinds wins Best Puppy In Show.
Great debut in the showring for Llantrussa Waterloo and three of his sisters.
Tarpilens Maximizer at Llantrussa "Jack" wins his first class.
Crufts 2007
Doris has been mated.
New photos of Frida and Benny
Jack qualified for Crufts 2008.
Sally's puppies.
Fresh picture of Hector-Sally puppies.
Puppies born 02.10.2006
United Retrievers Club Championship Show 09.08.2006
Hector has gone back to Sweden.
Jack qualified for Crufts 2007
Sally, Almanza Crack The Bubbling
Leeds Championship Show 23.07.2006
South Wales Kennel Association 08.07.2006
Border Union 18.06.2006
Three Counties Show 14.06.2006
27 May 2006 - Bath Canine Society Championship Show
Hector BOB and Pie BOS at Scottish Kennel Club Show 19.05.2006
Gundog Society of Wales
South Wales Kennel Association
Three Counties Show
Southern Counties
Llantrussa Cashewnut, vv2 in puppy class
The Flatcoated Retriever Societyís club show
Dear Bumble Lost
Doris, Tarpilenís Catched By Carienas
9 puppies born
Tarpilenís Catched
Results from South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show
Almanza Crack The Bubbling mated