Our NZ Romneys

NZ Romneys
NZ Romneys

Some years ago we changed to NZ Romneys from the traditional white faced Welsh Mule and we have never looked back. We aim to breed an efficient ewe with excellent mothering ability, ability to keep herself in good condition all year round, fed on grass and roughage, without any concentrates.

We also select for sound foot structure with the aim to breed sheep that are less susceptible to infections. And we like to see lambs that satisfy the industry requirement in terms of conformation for a slaughter lamb.

We lamb exclusively outdoors at about 1000 feet above sea level and we record our ewe’s performance; the traits that are the most important for us, in our flock. We keep entire a few NZ Romney rams from the top performing group of ewes, and we sell a few of these rams.

One group of NZ Romney ewes are crossed with an Aberfield ram and we do sell some NZ Romney x Aberfield females. The NZ Romney females are normally all retained for our own flock.